Teddy Bear Children Support

Teddy Bear Children Support

We have sponsored Jamie Donnelly to climb to the Summit of Munro Stob Coire Sgreamhach.

Which is at a outstanding 1,072m (3517ft) high this mountain is located in Glen Coe, Scotland. He climbed in the blustery 50mph wind and rain for 2 hours at a 65 degree angle often encountering snow and icey rocks. They reached the Summit in a lengthy 4 hours from the begining of Laurig Eilde path, After reaching the Summit they took a less challenging route back down to their starting point he said the surroundings were very beautiful.

Some of the equipment Jamie used for this challenge were walking poles, helmet & harness, rope the weight of these items weighed 15kg but the rain unfortunatly made it weigh more.

This expadition took place on the 15th of march 2017.

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