Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors are sought after due to their air-tightness and security. They are highly recommended if you want an incredibly secure, draught free building. They open vertically and do not intrude on outside space but unlike roller doors, they do not roll onto a spindle, they retract back on a track into the buildings roof space.

Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors

Due to their design, sectional overhead doors provide great insulation naturally with optional rubber seals improving their U rating even further. Sectional Doors are not only chosen where space saving is important but where adjacent rooms require insulating from outside elements. We offer various levels of CFC free insulation to suit energy efficiency and room heating targets, all our doors will also provide reductions in heating costs.

Sectional Door Security

Where security is a concern, double skinned, galvanised steel, industrial doors provide the highest level of security, thermal insulation furthers improves the resistance to certain forms of attack. Our doors sections are secured in place using thick steel guide channels at the sides of the door are designed to be highly resistant to forced entry attempts. To further enhance security, all electric sectional overhead doors have secondary physical security measures.

Sectional Overhead Door Material Options

We offer a wide range of materials to suit the application and building, we go to great lengths to ensure our door panels compliment the external look of your business. Galvanised steel, aluminium and hardwood are the most common materials used. Bespoke steel doors can be provided with a wood grain finish or retrofitted with vinyl to suit a company branded premises.

Electric Sectional Overhead Doors

We offer a range of 3 phase and single phase electric motors for easy opening and closing of doors. High speed door options, remote and manual backups and some of the bespoke door options provided to customers. We are happy to find a solution that fits with your security requirements.

Sectional Garage Door Benefits & Options:

  • Minimal space needed for opening
  • Single & 3-phase automation options
  • Manual operation available
  • Thermal performance is greater than required by building regulations
  • Various colour options available to match building cladding
  • Security locking as standard
  • Low-maintenance surface
  • Different lifting setups available to suit your bullding
  • Various window options available


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