Plastisol Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Plastisol Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Plastisol is an extremely durable laminate which is rolled onto the shutter door lath, giving the door a high quality finish and an incredibly high resistance to weathering. The shutters lath is also of a slightly different profile than the 77mm scrolled lath shutter doors, it is more square and flat as opposed to curved hence again giving the door more strength. This product has been wind tested to EN13241 - 1:2003 and achieved class +5 (hurricane force) plus 25%, with no visable damage.

Doors are fitted as standard with remote control operation and features are:

  • Choice of 8 colours
  • Internal manual over-ride facility
  • Safety obstruction sensor
  • Self locking
  • Heavy duty rubber weatherseal
  • Brush pile to guides preventing draught
  • 2 remote control handsets

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